How to preserve wood efficiently? Expert’s advice.

Wood is a building material which has been accompanying human beings for a long time. It continuously enchants the designers by its properties and natural beauty. Due to its characteristics it requires a particular and efficient care, though. Thanks to special agents we can not only protect this natural material from inside but also create its external image by emphasizing values and simultaneously minimize the drawbacks of this material.

Wood used outdoors needs a peculiar attention. Weather conditions such as light, temperature and water influence unfavourably on its appearance, surface and endurance.

narzędzia potrzebne do impregnowania drewna

A principle measure, which protects the durability of this material and preserves its life, is preservation. Preservatives penetrate deeply the wood texture and prevent from development of fungus and moulds. They protect them against destructive influence of humidity and fire as well as pests.

Jak impregnowac drewno

The more preservatives penetrate the wood texture the higher efficiency of preservation it is. It depends on the kind of wood but also its humidity. The less (drier wood) the better. Maximum humidity of preserved wood should not exceed 18%.

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The protected surface of the wood must be free of dust and greasy stains as well as in case of coniferous wood, free of resin. Such a prepared material will be easily penetrated by preservative.

Impregnowanie drewna

Some preservatives have also colouring properties. While preserving the wood surface we apply a particular colour which emphasises its tree rings.

Lacquer, stain varnish and oil have a protective and caring character. They change the colour of the wood, making an additional layer preventing it from humidity.

Impregnat do drewna

All works connected with preserving wooden elements should be carried out at utmost attention. Proper preservation will extend the wood endurance, enhance aesthetics and enable to maintain the material clean. At the beginning wood must be protected biologically by applying deeply penetrating colourless preservatives.

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Lakierobejca do drewna

After careful preservation we can apply colouring coatings which protect against sunrays and give the surface a decorative appearance. It’s recommended to apply stain varnish then.

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Furniture previously painted, which requires only restoration, ought to be cleaned of any contamination. If after drying the old coating is peeling, it’s necessary to remove it manually or by grinder. If the wooden materials were oiled previously we can restore them by taking advantage of the same method.

Windows and doors are also exposed to influence of wind, sun and temperatures. When painting and protecting wooden elements we can extend their life and enhance aesthetics both of elevations and interiors, as well as contribute to their endurance.





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