Priming walls before painting

The purpose of priming is to level up absorptiveness, uniform the substrate surface, strengthen it and improve adhesive properties of the topcoat paints. Another essential role of primers is also a waterproof barrier which is especially important in areas where higher level of moisture occurs

Priming can be performed by using paints and priming agents or primer fillers. Thanks to the special formula, they can level up differences in the texture and colour of the substrate. Application of primers contributes to decreased use of topcoat paints, which consequently decreases performance costs, since the desired effect can be obtained by just one painting.

Gruntowanie ścian przed malowaniem

Priming is intended for first painting of cardboard gypsum panels and substrates of non-uniform texture, cement plasters as well as cement and lime ones used inside of residential areas, public and industrial facilities.

Each new wall ought to be covered by a priming agent. If, however, the wall has been previously painted, priming might not be necessary. In order to check it, we can carry out a simple test which is to rub the wall by using our palm. If a thin layer can be found on our palm, it indicates necessity to prime the wall. It’s recommended to do this test in a few spots and check them by using our palms.

Grunt uniwersalny Śnieżka Acryl PutzACRYL-PUTZ® GU40 Universal Polymer Primer enhances adhesive properties and ensures suitable drying of subsequently applied products. Prevents from too fast giving up water to a substrate. Penetrates it and bonds loose aggregates. Provides light satin, transparent and water vapour permeable coats. GU40 Primer is recommended to be used before application of putties, paints, adhesives and levelling coats on ceilings, walls and floors used both indoors and outdoors.  Więcej o produkcie - kliknij tutaj...

While using primers it’s worth bearing in mind that too excessive amount of a primer might ‘glaze’ the wall, which might prevent from further painting. This is because, the substrate is not absorptive and the product dries out on the surface.

Grunt Snieżka - gruntowanie ścian

It’s recommended to start priming from difficult-to-reach spots and corners. The product must be applied onto the surface by a paintbrush or a small roller (10-15cm width). The remaining surface of wall ought to be painted by using a large roller (18-25cm width),by beginning from wall corners and moving left or right. The paint must be applied vertically, top-bottom, to cover the whole surface. In order to avoid occurrence of streaks, the last application must be carried out from top to bottom.

Kiedy trzeba gruntować ściany
Only then can we proceed with further painting works. It’s crucial to keep to requirements regarding drying time of particular agents before application of others. The final effect of wall painting depends on used agents and the way of their use.

Co daje gruntowanie ściany


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