Stain Varnish or acrylic enamel – which is best for wood?

Wooden items and elements enjoy unflagging popularity because it is an easily available, natural and very effective material. However, after a certain time they need to be renovated and maintained to look beautiful and fresh once again – it is worth choosing a stain varnish or acrylic enamel for this purpose. These will also protect the wooden surfaces. Which product is best?

This article will tell you:

– what a stain varnish is,

– the properties of acrylic enamel,

– which paint to choose for painting wood – stain varnish or acrylic enamel.


What stain varnish is and its properties.

A wood stain varnish, like the Śnieżka Expert Stain Varnish, is a product that protects and decorates at the same time. Its most important properties include:

  • protection against water and moisture, 
  • protection against UV radiation, 
  • transparent coating emphasises the natural grain of the wood, 
  • staining of wooden surfaces.

Through these properties, a stain varnish can be successfully applied to wooden items and elements both inside the home and in the garden. You can be sure that they will look beautiful and natural and will not start looking tired, even if in the bathroom or exposed to direct contact with precipitation.

It is worth noting the varnish stain comes in a variety of colours and finishing effects. Thanks to the wide range of available colours, it is possible to match a stain varnish to different types of wood and to change the appearance of the surface to match the rest of the interior decor.


Acrylic paint for wood – why consider it?

Acrylic furniture paint is an alternative to stain varnish. You will also appreciate it for its excellent technical parameters:

  • very durable furniture paint coatings,
  • fully opaque coatings in the colour of your choice,
  • resistance to the elements,
  • non-irritating, delicate odour,
  • short drying time,
  • safe for children.


Acrylic paint for wood

has a lot of advantages and there are many colours to choose from, so that you will be able to find exactly what you need. So, you can easily and quickly change the appearance of any piece of furniture. It can also be used on fences or gazebos, as it is suitable for exterior use. It is worth pointing out that acrylic paints for wood are water-based, and this means they do not have an intense odour.

Useful information

Acrylic enamels are water-based paints, which means their odour is mild, they are easy to apply and cleaning tools is trouble-free.


When to choose a stain varnish and when to choose an acrylic enamel?

If you're wondering what to paint wood with, ask yourself whether you're more concerned with preserving the natural character of wooden item or whether you want to furnish it with a whole new look. Stain varnishes, despite their staining properties, remain transparent and therefore do not cover but highlight the unique grain pattern of wooden surfaces. On the other hand, acrylic enamels cover the original substrate thoroughly, creating an impermeable, uniform coating with a clear and vibrant colour.

Both wood products have excellent properties, so choosing the right one in this case will only depend on your aesthetic preferences. What's more, each of these furniture paints is easy to apply and only a brush is needed, so you can easily do all the decorating, restoration or maintenance jobs yourself.