The fifth elevation to report!

Walls, windows, front doors and balconies – we see these elements when we take a look at the house. What about the roof? Not always it is visible so we seem to forget about it. Wrongly, this part of the building is often called the fifth elevation, during the winter time it is especially exposed to various defects and endangers. Prepare yourself!

The most important thing we should do before the winter is to carry out inspection of our roof. It’s worth hiring a qualified specialist who will conduct all necessary inspection operations. If it is the company who made our roof, we can be sure that no detail will be left behind. When building our own house it’s worth getting acquainted with the scope of services offered by various companies (they offer also periodic inspections and repairs). The roof is not only a cover itself. This is also a complex system of gutters, fences preventing from snow avalanches, chimneys, joints, air grate exits etc. Even if particular elements of the roof (e.g. tiles, roof sheet) are in excellent condition, we should pay super attention to spots where the elements are joined with the main elements of the roof. First of all the joints near the chimney and roof windows are especially endangered. The survey must be carried out very precisely depending on the complexity of our roof. Each slope and joint due to construction design may be vulnerable to leakage and as a result lead to moisture and leaks etc. So as to avoid any surprises and delight the charm of the winter it is a must to carry out the inspection of our roof.

Watch out, defect!

If it turns out that joints of flashing are loose or sealant fell apart, it’s obligatory to fix such defects. Now they may seem unimportant, however, during the winter season we may have a serious problem. It’s also important to inspect ground wires and anti-snow safeguards. If we find any damaged, cracked or scratched elements we should fix them immediately or replace with a new one.

It’s time to start cleaning up!

The roof, due to its location upon the building, is particularly exposed to influence of various weather conditions. Not only must it be nice, matched to our style, facade colour and aesthetically made but first of all resistant to weather conditions (hot sun, rains, strong winds or heavy snow). Therefore, the systematic inspection is required as well as periodic maintenance. Before winter comes it’s important to remove all contamination brought by the wind or rain. First of all, leaves on the edges of the roof and gutters, dust, sand and even tiny larch needles (if we live near larch trees). We don’t even realize what mixture they can make in combination with water and how effectively they can prevent from water flow off the roof. In this case we can expect various damages to our building since flowing water which encounters obstacles will always find another way and headwater may penetrate through in spots where the foil overlaps right under the roof or flow directly on the elevation of the house.

Taking care of our homes

The roof, apart from protecting us from rain and snow falls, plays another role too – keeps the heat accumulated in the building. Therefore, taking care of it and systematic maintenance should prevent from excessive heat losses and accumulation of moisture. Apart from repairs the roof itself as well as external elements it’s worth remembering to maintenance the soffit system. If it is made of wood, it’s important to maintain it and paint with special preservatives. Thanks to this we can be sure not only of good thermal insulation but also we don’t have to worry about pests devastating these elements.

Paulina Dobrzańska

Even if particular elements of the roof (e.g. tiles, roof sheet) are in excellent condition, we should pay super attention to spots where the elements are joined with the main elements of the roof.

Prepare your roof with Sniezka

Roof cleaner

It’s for cleaning and preparing external steel and zinc roof surfaces before painting. It removes also any contaminations which influence the quality of the paint coating, e.g. oil, grease. One can use it upon steel, cast-iron surfaces as well as made of non-ferrous metals, new and previously painted. It has super efficiency properties!

Sniezka for roof

It’s a product which makes fast-drying coatings of very good adhesive properties to the surface, waterproof, resistant to changing weather conditions, flexible and resistant to mechanical conditions. It is designed for decorative and protective painting of surfaces made of steel, steel zinc, steel phosphate, aluminium and concrete. The paint is also suitable for renovation of old paint coatings. Due to its properties it’s particularly recommended for roofs, gutters, windowsills and zinc constructions.


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