Types of paints for ceilings - we advise which ones to choose!

If you wish to take delight in impeccably smooth surface, not only perfectly finished putty is needed, but also a good paint.

Paint is the last stage of surface finish and even if all the previous ones were made in an exemplary way, the latter may have a decisive influence on the final ceiling design.


To make the ceiling look spotless, the selected paint should be:


- properly thick

Too watery paint will be difficult to apply, will splash and flows down from the roller. Painting process  will take us more time and cleaning can be time-consuming. The optimal paint is easy to apply, does not flow down and does not splash.


- very high hiding capacity

In particular, when some amendments were performed in plaster , the previous layer of old paint got significantly yellow or when there are  visible stains and spots on it. Very high hiding paint with less work will allow us to get great results.


- matt

Deeply matt paint will reduce the amount of reflected light and the risk of forming light reflection. This will ensure that painted surface will be more uniform and smooth.



- high performance.


Featured products which meet the above conditions :


Śnieżka Max Latex - biała farba

1)ŚNIEŻKA Max Latex  is a matt high-performance latex paint. With specially selected ingredients, it creates a snow white scrubbing and washing resistant coating. Easy to apply, it has excellent coating properties, so it guarantees simple painting work. Kliknij tutaj i dowiedz się więcej...

Śnieżka Vernissage - biała farba

2)Śnieżka Vernissage,  in addition to exceptionally good performance, outstanding coverage and easy application, it is characterized by low-gloss. Thanks to special technology,  this paint has the capacity of proper optical masking of light reflection, which makes the finished coating extremely smooth. In addition, this paint compensates for uneven ground. Light, when reaching the coating, dissipates and does not emphasize losses. Kliknij tutaj i dowiedz się więcej...

Śnieżka Modern White - białe farby do wnętrz

3)Śnieżka Modern White, paint an extremely easy in application and of high- performance. With anti-splashing properties work with this product is extremely easy and efficient. It creates the surface extremely white and resistant to washing. Kliknij tutaj i dowiedz się więcej...

Farba hipoalergiczna - Śnieżka EKO

4)Hypoallergenic acrylic emulsion gives matt, snow white coating which ensures full wall ventilation. It does not cause skin irritation, is friendly to allergies and particularly vulnerable persons. Kliknij tutaj i dowiedz się więcej...

Farba na plamy

5)     Śnieżka  Stains and Spots is intended for painting and renovation of walls and ceilings. Because of its properties it is recommended especially for repairing stains after  water streaks, soot, nicotine, oil and other fats. Can be used as a base coat to repair ugly stains or as a topcoat (protective and decorative). Kliknij tutaj i dowiedz się więcej...





In preparation for painting of ceiling, reach for highest quality products, to make renovation work  not too arduous and the end result pleases the most delicate taste.


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