Dostępny asortyment oraz aktualności mogą różnić się w zależności od kraju. Dlatego wybór języka powiązany jest krajem pobytu przy wyborze strony producenta.

Jeśli wybieresz przeglądanie w języku polskim a przebywasz na terenie Rosji - asortyment podany na stronie może różnić się od dostępnego.


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  • Sniezka Satynowa
    Sniezka Satynowa

      does not splatter during painting easy application and excellent coverage efficiency: to 14 m²/L with one painting only 5 times higher resistance to wet scrubbing compared to latex paints classified...

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  • Śnieżka Max Latex
    Śnieżka Max Latex

    Śnieżka Max Latex is a matt latex paint intended for painting interior walls and ceilings.  The product ensures high efficiency - up to 16m²/L (with one painting only) by taking advantage of HI-DEF White...

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  • Sniezka Vernissage
    Sniezka Vernissage

    Sniezka Vernissage is a mat latex paint to use indoor.

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  • Sniezka Modern White
    Sniezka Modern White

    Sniezka Modern White is a latex paint manufactured on the basis of Compact Comfort System, which constitutes a group of selected components and thickening agents, which prevent from splashing, enhance...

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  • Śnieżka Super Matt
    Śnieżka Super Matt

      recommended for large surfaces optically eliminates slight painting imperfections does not splatter during painting easy application and excellent coverage   Śnieżka Super MATT is an interior acrylic...

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  • Sniezka Kitchen–Bathroom
    Sniezka Kitchen–Bathroom

    Sniezka Kitchen–Bathroom is designed for premises particularly exposed to moisture. Biostatic paint Sniezka Kitchen-Bathroom thanks to innovative technology SILVER FORMULA allows to stabilize number of...

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  • Sniezka to cover stains
    Sniezka to cover stains

    It’s designed for painting and renovating walls and ceilings inside of residential premises as well as public facilities made of cement and lime plasters, concrete, gypsum, plaster cardboard panels etc....

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  • Sniezka Concrete - Flooring
    Sniezka Concrete - Flooring

    It constitutes a pigment and filler slurry in water dispersion of acrylic resins of high abrasion resistance. Due to its properties, the paint is designed for decorative and protective painting of concrete...

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  • Sniezka Extra Fasadowa
    Sniezka Extra Fasadowa

    Sniezka Facade Extra provides matt, durable and resistant to weather conditions coatings as well as allows the walls to ventilate. It is designed for protective and decorative painting of building elevations...

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